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Educational Services for Children in Need of Palliative Care

From October 1, 2020, providing the educational services for children in need of palliative care began in cooperation with the Open Society Georgia Foundation and with funding of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia.

The first lesson was held at the children’s hospice Firefly World, where special education teachers from Tbilisi Public School #198 provide educational services to children and adolescents.

The project promotes inclusion of children in need of palliative care in the educational process, both in groups and individually, through specially designed lessons.

In order to ensure no child is left out of education, comprehensive services and various developmental activities will take place. The teaching process is led by a multidisciplinary group that consists of: psychologist, a music therapist, a game therapist, an art therapist and a behavior therapist both in groups and individually depending on the needs of a child.

Educational services for children who need palliative care should have additional effect in addition to teaching, play therapy using various toys and dolls can play an important role in the educational process of children in palliative care, which is a process of natural self-expression and sharing of emotions. Also during art therapy - drawing, sculpting and appliqué techniques and dramatic improvisation, greatly contribute to development of imagination and calming the child.

Special attention will be devoted to music therapy, which significantly contributes to the promotion of positive attitude and management of emotions.

12/10 2020
Charity Auction for Childrens Hospice
On September 19, the third charity auction in support of children's hospice "Firefly World" was held in the garden of Rooms Hotel, raising $67 000. Among the artists, whose works were presented at the auction were Oleg Timchenko, Niko Tsetskhladze, Salome Rigvava, Nino Morbedadze, Tutu Kiladze, Maka Jebirashvili and others. The artist provided their artwork to the hospice for free.

"We wish to thank all the companies, organizations, artists and regular citizens who trusted us from the very first day and helped us build and develop the hospice. The children's hospice is one of the most successful cases when the civil sector, the business, and the President have come together to create a place where children with incurable diseases and their parents feel most protected" - Keti Khutsishvili, "Open Society Georgia" Foundation.

Children's hospice "Firefly World" opened in 2017. The Foundation began working on the creation of a hospice in 2013 after conduction a survey on palliative care needs of children. According to the survey results, every year 840 children in Georgia need palliative care. Of these, up to 30 children require hospice care, which means inpatient palliative care in a hospice.
Along with inpatient care, there are also a daycare center and home care services at the Hospice. All the services at the "Firefly World" are free of charge.
Hospice in funded only through private donations. The minimum annual budget required for its operation is 500 000 GEL.  
22/09 2019
On January 17, the first childrens hospice "Firefly World" was launched in Georgia
On January 17, the first children's hospice "Firefly World" was launched in Georgia. The children's hospice is a family-type facility, which will provide palliative care for children with chronic and incurable illnesses. The hospice will work in three basic directions: 24-hour service for simultaneously 10 children and their parents; daytime center, where children and their parents will stay from morning to evening to receive necessary services; home care service, which exists for already one year and which provides services to 26 children, will continue to operate. Construction of the children's hospice was launched in October 2015 and built started in February 2016 upon the initiative of Open Society Georgia Foundation, with the initial funding of Evex Medical Corporation as well as with the support of the President's fund. Since then, hundreds of donors, among them ordinary citizens and business companies, expressed readiness to support the hospice. Over GEL 1 million was raised during a year to build the hospice. The project of children's hospice is the best example of cooperation between business companies, non-governmental sector, the President, journalists and citizens. The Tbilisi Children's Hospice meets the standards of the world's best hospices. Besides professional and attentive personnel, the environment, interior, name of the hospice and all those details, which largely determine children's life in the hospice, are extremely important. The Tbilisi Children's Hospice will begin receiving patients from the next week
18/01 2017
Groundbreaking of Childrens Hospice on World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
On October 10, Open Society Georgia Foundation hosted the groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of the first Children's Hospice in Georgia. This was an idea born several years ago that became possible with the help of business partner Medical Corporation Evex, the President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and individual donors. Groundbreaking ceremony in the suburbs of Tbilisi gathered corporate and individual donors, journalists, families of children receiving domiciliary palliative care services and civil activists. KetiKhutsishvili, Executive Director of Open Society Georgia Foundation, the First Lady of Georgia and General Manager of Medical Corporation Evex delivered brief speeches to acknowledge donations and to emphasize the first successful case of public-private partnership in Georgia. On the evening of groundbreaking day, the President of Georgia hosted the reception that brought together existing and potential donors, civil society representatives, artists who have donated their paintings, embassies and international organizations. Construction of the first Children's Hospice will be completed by the end of 2016. The Children's Hospice will provide 24/7 care on hospice's premises plus day center and home care services. In 2013 the Foundation conducted the needs assessment to find out the need for pediatric palliative care in Georgia. As survey results prompt, there are more than 800 children in need of palliative care.
28/12 2015